About Us


COO Lead Instructor

I was an owner operator of Christian Education Center in Illinois for 15 years. The Christian Education Center was an advocate for early childhood education. 

After relocating to Arizona in 2006, it broke my heart to hear of a child losing their life needlessly by drowning; it was such a waste. I would pray for the parents and hope it was not someone I knew. I vowed then and there that if I could find a way to educate parents and children on water safety I would do just that. Child Parent Rescuers was formed in 2013. Not one more life should be lost due to a drownings!!

Put simply, our mission is to be proactive by educating parents, early childhood staff, and children on how to save a life. Prevention is key! If an accident occurs, minutes count. Don't panic be informed enough to save the child's life.

Child Parent Rescuers is a group of professional instructors, providing certification in CPR, First Aid, and AED. Each class is a 3 hour class that is entertaining and informative. You will receive a two year certificate upon completion. We will return to re-certify and train new employees.