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To be proactive while educating parents, early childhood staff, and children on how to save lives. Prevention is the key! If an accident occurs, minutes count. Our training ensures certified tactics that save lives. Through instructional videos classroom exercises, manikins and 2 year certification cards. Our mission is To make cpr training accessible, educational, affordable and entertaining for all.​

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Proactively preventing drowning deaths with the “Respect the Water” class. Playful interactive fun virtual pool and songs in English and Spanish. Children can learn this important message. To respect the water not without a parent should they play in the pool

Child Parent Rescuers will be teaching children the message of 'NOT WITHOUT YOUR PARENTS'.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at 602-446-9374 or email me at


English Class
Spanish Class
Class Schedule

Classes are being offered at two locations

BBB Better Business Bureau

1010 E Missouri Ave, Phoenix AZ 85014

Aug 23 10am - 5pm

Aug 28 10am - 5pm

Aug 29 10am - 5pm

Aug 30 10am - 5pm

Cesar Chavez Community Center

3825 W Baseline Rd, Phoenix AZ 85003

Aug 26 12pm - 4pm

Sept 2 12pm - 4pm

Sept 9 12pm - 4pm




"Child Parent Rescuers instructors arrived on time and were very prepared and professional. Our class was in the afternoon, after a long day of activities with the children the last thing we all needed was a boring class. The class was very entertaining and educational the exact opposite of boring.

​Thanks so Much!!"

Director: Michelle Kennedy
Christ the King Daycare

"Child Parent Rescuers trained our teachers during nap-time the class was upbeat and Phillip had all our staff asking questions as they practiced with the manikins. We made a vow that twice a year we would review the Child Parent Rescuers books to refresh our memories. We received our cards on the spot after our tests were completed.

I will recommend Child Parent Rescuers​, and will be happy to have them back at renewal or has we hire new staff members, for our additional classrooms."

Director: Gloria Jiffy Yslavia
St. Vincent De Paul Preschool

"Sandy was on time the class was entertaining and informative. My staff saved time and expense, because they were licensed on site, at one of their Saturday classes. It was a relief to have the necessary documents and all my staff members trained and licensed at the same time.

We will be making a recommendation to our board to have them return for new

​and future staff trainings."

Director: Nancy Kahler
North Valley Christian Academy
Child Parent Rescuers
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